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Strategy By combining creativity, business needs and a genuine analytical approach, I can help your company to develop and shape your business model and thoroughly test it at an early stage.
UX Design and Design Thinking By combining state-of-the-art UX methodologies with a rock-solid DT process, we can shape products and ideas tailored to the needs of real customers. After all, recognising needs is the first step of planting successful design seeds.
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UDW | UX Design and Design Thinking Created with sketchtool.
User Interface Design Pixel-sharp, state-of-the-art GUIs that are appealing and intuitive, yet reduced enough to allow your product to speak for itself.
Design Sprints &
Ideation Workshops
Enable your team to find quick and surprising solutions to existing problems by introducing them to the bulletproof Design Sprint process invented by Google’s one and only Jake Knapp.
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